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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Touch Up To Perk Up
Touch up to perk up cover full
A mole here and a stretch mark there might feel like the end of the world, even to the coolest of cucumbers before the big day. Thankfully, swift sprinklings of touch-up action can help soothe any skittish sentiments about parading down the aisle. So say good-bye to the buzz-kill of self-doubt and try to keep in mind that most pesky imperfections are only beknownst unto thee – others simply do not hone in on minute foibles of the human genus. As you tie that knot tight, you’re bound to take everyone’s breath away. You likely already do – just by being yourself.
tell-tale scents
Touch up to perk up 1
As the bride-to-be, you should be floating on air. When it comes to your scent, it should be ever-so-subtly floating along with you. Calling on the in-a-jiff magic of a perfume atomizer will help add a little zesty spritz to your step, without giving it a second thought. An atomizer keeps the spray light and even, while avoiding a scene of overwhelmingly nosy aftermath.
be all smiles
Touch up to perk up 2
Off-white teeth are enough to make any dame back down in bashfulness, especially if her breath isn’t as fresh as air. The good news is that the age-old adage of brushing after every meal is as applicable as ever. Make sure that you’re not implementing a run-down toothbrush (replace at least every 2 months), to help effectively combat a red wine and coffee veneer. Don’t forget to give your tongue a good once-over for herein lies bacteria.
Remember that baking soda’s not just for brownies. Lightly douse your spanking new brush in the stuff and go to town over your delicate dentition (think gentle, circular motions). Also available – over-the-counter whitening strips. Many only require 30 minutes a day (that’s just one stint sitcom watching).
shine a light
Touch up to perk up 3
If you fear the environmental disaster of a tress-centered oil slick, make sure to have a dry shampoo brand on hand. Simply spray the product, let it settle, and then brush out. Baby powder also has the same shape-up effect - just make sure to really work it into the roots.
For trendrils wilting faster than a day-old bouquet, massage in a little mousse to the top of your crown. Hand lotion can also double as a smoothing cream - just apply a dime-sized amount with your fingertips for unruly frizz combat. Brighten up dull locks with a bit of liquid bronzer, emphasizing the area that frames your cute-as-a-bug mug.
freshest face forward
Touch up to perk up 4
A retractable blush brush dipped in translucent powder is the easiest way to fend off an oily sheen. Facial mists can quickly calm and console flushed or irritated cheeks. Blue eyeliner returns for a new era of rockin’ bright eyes. Peepers traced with a navy or cobalt pencil are guaranteed to create Bambi-esque trompe d’oeil.
Digits fit for ring adornment are just a step away thanks to the handy, three-way nail buffer. Caterpillar brows got you down? Groom those puppies to a tea with the help of a little clear mascara. First apply to lashes (for emphasis without the raccoon-bandit smudge), then, with a few, short strokes, apply the mascara to each brow in order to shape and set the arch you desire.
melt hearts, not your look
Touch up to perk up 5
The trick to preventing make-up melt-down is to prime or powder up before foundation application. A primer prepares your face much like a painter prepares his canvas. Powder can also be applied over the face as a dolled-up finale – this is a tried and true tested method of make-up artists everywhere for setting any live masterpiece.
Choose make-up products that are labeled waterproof. These are oil-free or gel- or silicone-based cosmetics that lovingly hug the skin and will outlast even the most torrential of downpour (blissed-out tears included).
Take your pucker from mild to spicy with the aid of a lip-plumping color. This product is replete with just that little extra oomph of collagen. For a rosebud shade all year round, choose a berry-kissed lip stain that comes with a sealant inside the wand.
body movin’
Touch up to perk up 6
Transcend the temple of your body by displaying a true acceptance of the form you inhibit. Ultimately, the most glowing of looks results from a healthily pampered physique and a good dosage of well-balanced confidence. Try not to cross your arms, but convey an open body language. Keep your limbs relaxed and softly held at your side. Slouching is a girl’s worst enemy. Hold yourself tall, breathe evenly, and roll those shoulders back – this will free up the energy-housing center of your body’s solar plexus.