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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Touching Base With The Best
Touching base with the best cover full
Don’t let foundations cake the better of you – they’re meant to highlight your skin, not mask your face. Pimples, discoloration, wrinkles and redness can be traumatizing, sure, but hiding beneath a thick layer of foundation is the ultimate faux-pas look. After all, the good stuff is meant to serve as a base for your makeup, meaning you should appear fresh and natural and makeup-less when it’s all you’ve got going on. Choosing a foundation that looks and feels deliciously naked might seem daunting, but once you’ve delved into a bit of cosmetic insight, it can be a real breeze.
Touching base with the best 1
Yellow-based foundations actually compliment most skin tones, so if you pine for rosy cheeks or a bronzed-goddess glow, blushes and bronzers are more likely to serve your needs. Pink-based or too-dark foundations will only make you look weird.
For a true you-specific pancake, smudge some on your hand to see if it matches your skin tone and is able to cover up veins, wrinkles, and other blemishes. If you’re having a tough time finding your individual color, go ahead and get creative; this is no time to paint-by-numbers. Darken a foundation with bronzer, or brighten one up with a concealer two shades lighter. This is a handy technique to secure even if you’ve already found your “perfect” match because skin color changes with the seasons, with your moods, and so on.
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For the youngsters and the lucky ones, powders and sheer liquids are ideal because they work to smooth out the fainter kinks, like uneven skin tones or textures. Even if your skin isn’t airbrush perfect, it’s best to go with lighter foundations during the day (throughout the summertime especially) because the makeup will remain discreet to the point of invisibility even under the scrutiny of sunlight.
For older women, or those self-conscious about any skin-perfections, creams, sticks, and cream-powders (starts out as a cream and morphs/dries into a powder finish) are best. Moderate-and-up makeup is also appropriate for a svelte night-time look. But be warned: attempting to smooth out wrinkles with a heavy foundation can back-fire big time, as it may seep into and ultimately emphasize the cracks.
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Touching base with the best 3
Go for water-based foundations; leave the mineral oils on the shelf.
Look for moisturizing foundations.
You’re free to pillage the cosmetic aisles totally carefree.
Makeup is meant to conceal blemishes, yet it can ironically encourage more to sprout up to the surface. Search for concealers that specifically advertise a sensitive skin-friendly composition and SPF 15. Also, always perform a test on a small patch of skin before covering your entire face in a potentially rash-inducing product.
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Sponges are great for a heavier application, while brushes serve for a lighter finish. Apply foundation in little dabs (nose, forehead, cheeks/ blemishes, under-eye circles) and blend into the skin spreading the makeup outward. Pay extra heed to the jawline, which can make or break an application: gently meld those edges until they’re edges no more. A matte finish you can let be, but if the foundation contains mineral oils you may want to blot up any excess oil and conclude with a translucent powder.