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Posted by Cayla Capri
Truff’ Love
Truff love cover full
At the heart of this confection delirium lies la ganache, a creamy cocoa-ful or caramel-esque concoction, rippling with surprise tidbits of berries, nuts, nougat or fudge. The world can thank Chambery, France for producing this lil’delectable, and its doppelgangers of the Swiss and American variety - these gooey, gushy bite-sizers will nestle down anywhere in a wedded-out extravaganza. Incorporate these choco-wonders into bridesmaid’s gifts, croquembouches décor-amas, guest favors, or an after-dark dip into a flavorful pillow of indulgence.
cocoa-potable pairings
Truff love 1
No smarty-pants gal is going to say no to chocolate through and through, but when it comes to truffles, chocolatiers and at home D.I.Y darlings can go a little coo-coo with innovative and amusing fusings – think gingerbread and pecan cheesecake, honey and cardamom, or chardonnay and sea salt. If you’re a tame dame when it comes to dessert-time, boutiques will most likely offer an assortment of anything-but-shabby timeless standards – blanched almond, peanut butter, or crème de la menthe. Season like all things seasonal - opt for spiced pumpkin when it comes to a golden fall, a brr-wonderful winter likes its rum and eggnog, while vanilla and raspberry makes swingin’ summertime absolutely delectable.
from a chocolatier to you
Truff love 2
Personalize your truffledom with customized accents – geometric deliciousness in the form of edible butterflies or shells, or monogrammed wowzer embellishments fit for any cake tier. Consider ordering individual truffle favor boxes for each place setting or simply feature a luscious spread along a ruffly, bubbly dessert buffet table.
Most companies will not shy away from special touches – these initially plain ol’ chocolate balls clean up quite nicely after adornments of ribbon, metallic foil, rosettes, organza sachets, or tulle nests. Trim the cost corner by placing a single order for one large box of truffles, and then creating imaginative homes for trios or quartets.
melt in the heart
Truff love 3
When it comes to dreamy D.I.Y’ing, you’ll want to scald your cream ingredients, then stirring over low heat until reaching a noticeably bubbly consistency. This hot ‘n’ saucey mix is to be poured over chopped-a-lot chocolate, allowing the lucky nuggets to melt down at the heavenly heat contact. Allow this sweet sauce to steep before indulging in some mind-soothing, super-smooth stirring. After a little chill action, get down and sugary, forming balls with your bare hands. For the acquisition of the bite-worthy shell, dip the ganache into, (you guessed it), more chocolate. After these harden, go to town coating, dusting or drizzling with tinctures of spice, blossom, icing, or nut garnish.