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Posted by Cayla Capri
Under The Covers
Linens under the covers cover full
For a wedding night bed-in, you’ll definitely want to upgrade to something a little more upscale. No more college jersey-knit or lumberjack flannel. There is plenty of luxury bedding ensembles to choose from in today’s trendy boutique, and with a little dash of downy expertise, you’ll go from the shop to some serious dream-woven, hedonistic snuggledom in no time.
spinning a yarn
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Linen essentially refers to the woven textile derived from the fibers of the steadfast flax plant, dating back thousands of years before any synthetic stuff hit the market. Once a form of ancient Egyptian currency, linen was considered a symbol of purity and prosperity. In today’s house and home, the term ‘linens,’ encompasses both bed, bath and beyond.
Before selecting the perfect set, familiarize yourself with the multiple nuances of each bolt. Satin is certainly the most sumptuous for an evening of stepped-up seduction, but can get clammy on a hot summer’s eve. 100% cotton is known for keeping pillow talk light and airy. Silk is the embodiment of luxury, but does have a tedious streak to watch out for, being notoriously dry-clean-only.
out for the count
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So just what lies at the heart of feathery chick-like softness? There are three things to consider - cotton percentage, thread count, and the hand of the material. The last buzz word on cozy corner is ‘staple length,’ referring to the length of your fabric’s fibers.
Fibers can range from extra long to long, medium to short - the longer the staple, the finer the fabric will be. Egyptian cotton, for example, has a good ‘n’ lengthy staple making it super silky to the touch. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch - the rule of thumb being the higher the thread count, the finer the quality. The hand happens to reference the sensory feel of its touch, anything enticingly pleasurable will be the result of skillful carding, combing, straightening, and aligning of fibers, frequently found in Italian linens.
invest in your nest
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It’s a fact that you spend a third of your life wrapped up in your bedding’s embrace so why not make your new purchase truly count? Cheap, low thread count sheets are bound to pill, while high thread count material will only increase in softness with every wash. Craftsmanship, elegance, and mere enjoyment are all incredibly enticing reasons to invest in a luxury bed set.
If the price of a whole set seems daunting, select just a few choice pieces and then combine them with more everyday or discount items. For example, place a fancy sham over a run-of-the-mill pillow case, or top-rate sheets underneath a low-key comforter. When it comes to padding down your hide-away, remember to choose according to personal budget and lifestyle. Bedding is supposed to assuage stress, not run it through the roof.
get the goods
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In the pre-purchase stage, take time to acquire careful measurements of your bed dimensions - note top to bottom, side to side, and mattress diameter. As you meander your way through the aisles, keep in mind that a higher thread count can mean less durability. If the idea of your linens losing steam long before any fun’s begun bothers you, opt for a thread count above 250, but do try to avoid anything lower than 175 if this is an issue.
When it comes to linens for your wedding reception, you may want to place yourself in charge, or simply opt for a reputable linen rental company. If you decide to fly solo, glean that artistic eye by coordinating your selected table linens with your flower bouquets and bridal party attire. This is sure to achieve a better overall sense of aesthetic impact. Just don’t forget to include your chair covers into the mix.