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Posted by Cayla Capri
Under The Tuscan Sun
Tuscany under the tuscan sun cover full
Permanently affixed to every bucket list under the sun, Tuscany is a must-see for the freshest, zestiest eats ‘n’ embraces around. The glittering Montalcino region boasts bottles of the finest Brunello wine, while Fortezza hosts rambling sprawls of magnificent vistas. Dishes of stewed rabbit and gnocchi sizzle against a backdrop of the Italian Riviera while bubbling pesto sauce and limoncino simmer in luscious Lucca – it’s all about arriving hungry and leaving happy.
the romance
Tuscany under the tuscan sun 1
Vined pergolas and one room casas shiver in the spark of a world-renowned Tuscan lightning storm. Hillside shepherds moonlight as cheese dealers, herb gardens perfume the air, and local cold-pressed-with-love olive oils abound. Medieval spires mingle with market thatches filled to the rafters with bargain Prada and Balenciaga while pagan art comes to life within the walls of the Siena Cathedral’s Il Duomo.
the scenery
Tuscany under the tuscan sun 2
In Tuscany, the Chianti countryside dips into fantastical hills of rolling cypresses and 400-year-old cedars of Lebanon. Vintage hotels are furnished with classic Italian frescos just as the nearby chapels burgeon into gloriously vaulted ceilings. The icing on this slice of tiramisu – bushels and bushels of Florentine roses.
the attractions
Tuscany under the tuscan sun 3
Aside from the Renaissanced-out grand ol’city of Florence, the leaning tower of Pisa has reunited curious tourists for years. Don’t forget to check out the Palio in breathtaking Siena or the fortified town of Pienza. Both uber-chic Maremma region and Monte Argentario sport port-town vibes, while Forte dei Marmi offers a reclusive beach resort for wavy grown-up play-time.
the adventure
Tuscany under the tuscan sun 4
Tuscany isn’t exactly the ultimate destination when it comes to scoring a Jurassic Park-kind-of-rush, but it sure holds its fair share of Vespa-sized delights. Try any number of the available guided tours – think bike tour, gastro tour, balloon ride or truffle hunt. Still ravenous? Try your hand at a cooking school open-house or prehistoric thermal pool soak.
the secrets
Tuscany under the tuscan sun 5
Be sure to try the fresh baked fish at any number of the fabulous trattorias along the sunny Cinque Terre harbor. Pose for a photo-op under the cool shade of a San Gimignano tower or meander through the wares of expert artisans – think gorgeous ceramics, leather, and authentic watercolors. Dig into a five-star meal of steaming bistecca alla, served alongside a glistening decanter of Florentine house wine, before tucking in for the night under a wool-spun quilt.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: April and May are warm but often rainy (8-23°C/46-73°F).
Summer: June to September are usually very hot and dry (15-30°C/59-86°F).
Autumn: October and November are cooler (7-22°C/45-72°F). Rain is common during these months as well.
Winter: December through March are quite mild (3-16°C/37-61°F). The days are also typically sunny at this time of year.
Light, comfortable clothing is best. A sun hat and comfy walking shoes are important to have when sightseeing.
The Euro
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Antipasto Toscano: A mix of Tuscan cold cuts, bread, cheese, and vegetables
Caciucco: A popular fish soup