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Posted by Cayla Capri
Unveiling Your True Love
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The wedding veil was first intended to pay homage to a long, flowing mane of hair - revered as a symbol of innocence in by-gone days. Over time, both folklore and an array of faiths have all influenced how this occult accoutrement came to be. By the 1900’s, the veil was a standardized article of matrimony, beating the traditional white gown to the punch. The veil was said to ward off bad luck, while borrowing a veil from an already happily married dame, was thought to bring about the good. Another legend claims that the veil was worn to conceal a fair bride’s beauty from her husband-to-be, up until he had pledged his allegiance, and therefore earned the right to feast his eyes upon her virtuous (not to mention symmetrical) traits. Not exactly a foolproof plan - there are tales of gentlemen marrying the wrong sister etc. In any case, this delicate garment undoubtedly has a rich contextual past, but whether or not it has a place in your future nuptials is up to you.
a-veil-able but not a-must
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No question a wedding veil can be the cherry-on-top for your entire wedding garb. This mystical article has a multitude of super-powers, such as the ability to frame and accentuate, or subdue and separate if so desired. A veil can be a charming contrast to a hip and happening ceremony whereas no veil can be an understated display of trendy classiness. However, a veil does have the potential to go from a filmy mist angelically gracing your shoulders to a rabble-rousing curtain – bunching up and overwhelming your body type - basically being a royal pain in the you-know-where. If you feel a veil is not for you, fear not. Your choice will be respected and admired. And if such a garment does indeed make you feel like a girl-wonder, then run with it. Your luminous confidence will exude.
a lengthy list of styles
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Decisions, decisions, decisions - veils come in all varieties of volumes, embellishments, and sizes. One of the more popular styles is the ‘fingertip length,’ falling to the aforementioned digits when arms are resting at the sides. It’s a flexible choice, being exceptionally flattering for all dress styles and bride heights.
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The ‘flyaway’ veil is a less formal but flirtatious option when you’re donning a lavish dress. Grazing the chin with a few flouncy layers, it has an easy-breezy appeal.
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A ‘birdcage’ veil, frequently constructed of French tulle, is a très chic accoutrement for a vintage dress. Choose between pinning it to an adorable pillbox hat or directly to your hair.
chapel length
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‘Chapel length’ veils are intended for gowns accompanied by a train, extending one foot beyond it. The ‘cathedral’ veil is incredibly full in volume and layers, dramatically extending beyond the train of the dress, creating an unforgettable entrance.
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A blusher is the fun little habiliment that hides the face. This layer is sometimes sown directly to veil or may be purchased separately. It’s traditionally lifted before being presented to the groom, or right before that infamous kiss.
Veils are normally accompanied by a headpiece that is intended to be either shown off or hidden. Note that different materials reflect different shades of white. Nylon is able to maintain a certain amount of stiffness whereas silk has less body and reflects a less pure of a white. You may want to add embroidery to your veil, linking the color scheme to that of your bouquet. A trim of pearls or lace is an endearing touch. Keep in mind that the wedding veil is not just any add-on. Don’t be afraid to claim it as your own.
ensuring the right veil is lifted
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As with all things wedding-ly, there is a list of items to consider when selecting the most suitable shroud. The style, length, color, material, and number of tiers should all be given the once-over. Luckily, there is a rule of thumb that enables you to just follow the bouncing ball.
If you have an ornate dress, select a simple veil. If you have a simple dress, select an ornate veil. Think back to the dating world – remember how opposites attract? If your build is statuesque, you’ll need a veil that can command your willowy frame. If you’re a petite pixie, choose one that is fun and fluffy with just a little bit of ‘pouf’! Avoid any veils that are piled with a high bouffant. It’s likely that it will steal your thunder. If your dress includes detail in the back, try not to choose a veil that cuts across it. Instead, select a veil that falls beneath the ornamentation.
Consider the shape of your visage before handing over any cash. Is your kisser soft and curved? Or bold and angular? Familiarize yourself with the following types - oval, round, oblong, heart, diamond and square. For example, a round face will be narrowed by a longer veil that falls along the sides of blushing cheeks. Determine which length would be best based on how long you intend on sporting it at the main event. Also, consider the length of the aisle. If you have imagined a veil of trailing, shadowy beauty, make sure you’ve got the room. Avoid a fabric jam at all costs! Put the veil under a microscope - examine it from every angle, verifying that you’ve added a heightened aura, and not just a weighty cloud. Take advantage of the fact that a veil can be customized (and steamed a few days before the big one). Introducing your veil to your hairstylist for a trial-run is always a smart idea. If you happen to be flying solo the day of, they’ll be able to reveal a few tricks of the trade when it comes to securing it upon your crown.
variations on a veil
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If the idea of sharing the spotlight with a billowy sail doesn’t float your boat, don’t fret - you’ve got other options. Try on either a handcrafted or heirloom headpiece for size. Flourishes may include Swarovski crystal or freshwater pearl. Rhinestone tiaras are not just reserved for royalty, and bridal hats will evoke days of old. Hair rings, combs, head bands, and barrettes are some of the daintier curlicues to choose from. Brow bands and flower garlands exhibit indie, exotic flair. Whether or not you choose to flaunt a veil or opt out for something on the alternative side, neither should hide your personal taste.