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Posted by Cayla Capri
Venue Wish Upon A Star
Venue wish upon a star cover full
Locate your love back to where it all began or where you’ve always hoped it’d end up. Whatever you choose to wed in, around, amongst, should reflect your personality and what characterizes you as a couple. Weddings held in medieval castles, euro-chic celebrations at the Ritz, and intimate backyard ceremonies all make different statements and set different standards. Once you’ve made the crucial decision, all the other tulle-tied pieces will follow suit in terms of theme, mood and budget, so when choosing a location, choose gracefully.
symbolic locations
Venue wish upon a star 1
For the starry-eyed poetess and her lyre-strumming minstrel, picking a meaningful location means picking one near to the heart (and light on the wallet.) Wed where you first kissed or by the tree vandalized with your initials, but do keep in mind that the atmosphere should be romance-tolerant. The Wal-Mart where you first exchanged numbers and the hip hop club where you first locked hips are total no-gos. Whatever you decide, the symbolic nature of the location should be the motivating factor.
at home
the restaurant/park where he proposed
first place you met (barring the Mickey-Dees by the freeway)
first place you kissed (barring the backseat of his dad’s camero)
grandiose locations
Venue wish upon a star 2
For those looking to posh up their affair with some high-profiled, je-ne-sais-quoi lavishness, seek wedding locations that scream ‘ab-fab sweetie-darling!' Think Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette with all their ostentatious frills. The evening should be over-the-top, complete with cascading drapery, crystal candelabras, ornate moldings, ballroom sized chandeliers and wall to floor mirrors. Ideal settings can include 5 star hotels, Ballrooms, Casinos or an open space with oversized marquees where you create a Château Versailles-ish atmosphere.
Suggestions for Montrealers:
Hotel St James
Windsor Ballroom
Les Nuances, Casino de Montreal
Chateau Vaudreuil
Le Sofitel
intimate locations
Venue wish upon a star 3
Hosting an intimate wedding creates a warmth and closeness that no other venue can emulate. You’ll get to mingle with everyone, and have plenty of time to canoodle with the groom. If you’re able to narrow your guest list to under 150, then make your wedding an in-home affair or throw a comfy-cozy shindig in some quaint little locale.
Suggestions for Montrealers:
In-Home Wedding
Bice, Montreal
Restaurant Da Emma, Montreal
Golf St Raphael, Ile-Bizard
The Royal Montreal Golf Course, Ile-Bizard
secluded locations
Venue wish upon a star 4
Trade the hustle and bustle for some much desired, star-gazing serenity. For Montrealers, tree-studded hideaways like Vermont, the Eastern Townships, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the Laurentians are home to a number of isolated gems: manors and auberges completely equipped for wedding receptions.
Suggestions for Montrealers:
The Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont
Le Manoir Richelieu, St Jean sur Richelieu
Manoir des Sables, Magog
Quintessance, Tremblant sur le Lac
Auberge Ripplecove, Eastern Townships
destination locations
Venue wish upon a star 5
Those with a serious case of the wander-lust should consider a destination wedding, where you can profess love, party and unwind all in one (tequila) shot. Because you won’t be physically there to prepare, you’ll have to be more open during the selection process. For larger destination weddings, hire a local wedding planner and save on asprin.
Tuscany region, Italy
Champagne cave, France
St. Barts, French West Indies
Maui, Hawaii
Nigril, Jamaica
fantasy locations
Venue wish upon a star 6
Every wedding is laced with an element of fantasy, so why not amp up the drama, the chirping birds, the fairy dust? Choose from thousands of castles for some Cinderella-gance- everything from contemporary North American beauties to 12th century European palaces to underwater fortresses.
Odescalchi Castle, Bracciano
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria
Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley
Atlantis, Bahamas
Casa Loma, Toronto, ON
historic locations
Venue wish upon a star 7
Get married in the museum of history or an 18th century historical building, and experience an age where messages of love were conveyed through sonnets rather than SMS’s.
Suggestions for Montrealers:
Fine Arts Museum, Montreal
Metropolitan Museum, Manhattan
Place d’Youville, Montreal
McGill University, Montreal
Montreal City Hall, Old Montreal
wonders of the world locations
Venue wish upon a star 8
Say your vows overlooking the river Seine on top of the romantic symbol of the world. Sanctify your union in the vast Giza dessert amidst the ancient pyramids. Travel to the exotic land of silk and spices where Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan built an immaculate monument in honor of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal. Whether on top of the Eiffel Tower, outside the Taj Mahal or by the Christ Redeemer in scenic Brazil, you’ll forget to wonder how you can afford such extravagance.
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Egyptian Pyramids, Giza
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Taj Mahal, Agra
Alhambra, Granada
unusual locations
Venue wish upon a star 9
Sharing a toast beneath a lit-up ferris-wheel, in a white-walled art deco gallery, or in a library where thousands of love stories await eager readers, offers a unique alternative to the more conventional reception hall. Some couples may rise up to the audacious and say their vows amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon. (Many hot air balloon services are equipped to take up to 3 people so if you’re lucky you may even be able take up a witness.)
Suggestions for Montrealers:
Museum of Architecture, Montreal
Hot Air Balloon, St Jean sur Richelieu
Gallerie MX, Montreal
Gallerie Gora, Montreal
La Toundra, Parc Jean Drapeau
natural locations
Venue wish upon a star 10
A Botanical Garden wedding, surrounded by fragrant lilacs, lush rose bushes and perfumed peonies, is enough to make Persephone leafy-green with envy. For wine lovers, a darling little vineyard can provide an intoxicating aroma and a picturesque photo-op. Getting in touch with your primal instincts in a natural locale will make for an interesting wedding night.
Jardins du Magnolia, Historique de Carignan
Botanical Gardens, Montreal
Central Park, New York
San Diego Zoo, San Diego
Mont-Royal, Montreal
Remember to always choose a wedding venue according to your guest count. If you have invited 300 people, don’t choose a venue that only accommodates 150 in the hopes that half your invitees will be unavailable. If you invite them, they will come (especially if you’re hoping otherwise – it’s like physics or something.)