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Posted by Cayla Capri
Vermont Small Time Charm
Vermont small time charm cover full
New England’s petite babe is a bona fide old soul eager to plug your kisser with maple candies and your ears with legit ‘when I was your age’ chronicles. Vermont also happens to embody a prettiness of peach proportions, so a quick glance-around should fill your green quota as dictated by the national health association. Couples who like to sweat sans innuendo have found their clean canteen, hokey spokes, walking speedometer haven in this picture book state. And sweethearts favoring lethargy only need a turn for the winter to hibernate comfortably in a bed and breakfast with in-house flapjacks for sleepy mornings. Also guaranteed is a neighboring microbrewery for evenings in stupor. What you do with your liberal, free-wheeling time between is nobody’s business.
the romance
Vermont small time charm 1
Romance gets a cloying kind of sweet at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, located just north of Waterbury. A mutual diabetic trance and empty Funky Monkey pints are surely marital bliss at its palsiest. Whether you spoon feed or hoard your cherry bombed treat, be sure to savor with licks slow enough to make hubby blush. While the sucrose and dairy become friendly in your belly, get digesting on a classic New England stroll. Keep your eye out for ramshackle cabins of peeling paint jobs, better kempt gardens and humble owners waving ‘afternoon to your giddy, chocolate-stained, arm-swinging twosome.
the scenery
Vermont small time charm 2
White churches nestled in wild flowers, footpaths freckled with fall foliage and horses of majestic aura – Vermont’s pastoral guise can only be elegized in free verse with superfluous dashes and scattered parentheses. Sweat for your scenery at the Quechee Gorge - no small gap at 163 feet deep and 3000 feet long. The gorge runs alongside a suite of trails just awaiting your hiking boot prints and sunflower seed spillover. A doll of a stream stands by too, crowned by a quaint bridge built for panicky, hot palmed handholding and awkward exchanges of teenybopper affection.
the attractions
Vermont small time charm 3
Let childhood memories of dusty chalkboards, blotters, and doodled-on ledgers waft back as you stop at the Old First Church, where poet Robert Frost now lies alongside the Von Trappe Family Lodge. This structural emblem was established by the real-deal Maria von Trappe after fleeing the war in 1950. Some musts on the menu – the chevre fondue and the orange walnut bread.
the adventure
Vermont small time charm 4
A cycling-trip across the budding North East is one way to interpret ‘adventure’ on otherwise tranquil turf, but if you’re all rural-ed out, the Bread and Puppet Cheap Art and Political Theatre can provide just the kick in the bike shorts you’ve been looking for. Whimsical is an understatement when it comes to politically outspoken, satirist puppets unabashedly mocking the establishment amongst campy installations and ‘cheap as dirt’ homespun art. Go ahead and indulge in a little brainy needling; it’s cathartic.
the secrets
Vermont small time charm 5
Hushed antiquity resides in the hilly folds of this soft-spoken state, but look closely enough and you’re sure to uncover treasures by the tenfold. Posed on the brink of forever lost, Vermont’s covered bridges are some of the oldest in the country and reminiscent of a lackadaisical lifestyle. And in the heart of this hermitage: mason jars brimming with penny candy, glass cabinets of Dresden china, pantries stocked with artisan cheeses and heirloom apples, and antique troves dealing out of 18th century barns.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: April through June are warm and pleasant months (5-15°C/41-59°F).
Summer: July through September are bright, sunny and warm months (17-25°C/63-77°F)
Fall: October through December are cool and windy months with the occasional snowfall (1-10°C/34-50°F).
Winter: January through March are cold and often snowy months (-3-6°C/27-43°F).
US Dollar
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Baked beans served in Vermont maple syrup
Rhubarb pie with a side of cheddar cheese