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Posted by Cayla Capri
Viennese Waltz
Vienna viennese waltz cover full
With the sound of love and music indubitably in the air, Vienna is a city that thrives on pure European elegance and hassle-free joie de vivre. Picture a horse-drawn carriage ride around the Ringstrasse or fur-and-pearl-clad evening at the State Opera. An imperial-esque city beyond compare, Vienna is a land of royal dynasties, master sugar bakers, and silvern steeds.
the romance
Vienna viennese waltz 1
Dine by candlelight at the Restaurant Griechenbeisl before RSVP’ing to the Johann Strauss Ball at the glittering Viennese Kursalon. Come winter, skate arm-in-arm in front of Town Hall or spout sweet-nothings beside the Schönbrunn Palace Palace.
Be sure to indulge in:
A warm dish of schnitzel, lemons and lingonberry jam at a local wine tavern
A cache of a culture gem – the magnificent parading Lippizaners at the country’s world renowned Spanish Riding School
A stunning sunrise performance by the Vienna Boys Choir at the Hofburg Complex
the scenery
Vienna viennese waltz 2
Aside from more moonlit sonatas than you can count, Vienna is replete with cozy cobblestone streets, breathtaking mountain ridges, and a mesmerizing array of Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture.
clever tip
A multitude of eye-candied bike paths shower the city limits – double up on a tandem for a tour of the town, making room for a whip-creamy coffeehouse pit-stop midday.
the attractions
Vienna viennese waltz 3
Old-World charm meets today’s newlyweds with open arms – Hapsburg era relics, natural history relics, and last but not least, a whole Museumsquartier designated to ample mind-expansion and making perusal a snap.
Be sure to take in:
The Gothic cathedral, Saint Stephen's, located at Inner Stadt
13th century wowzer, the palace of Hofburg
Afternoon treats at the Naschmarkt and the Schnbrunn Zoo
the adventure
Vienna viennese waltz 4
A Danube River cruise is likely to be more lulling than nerve-inducing, but Vienna still pulls out all the stops when it comes to stimulating a shopaholic-at-heart. Be sure to visit the city’s most materialistic district, the Mariahilferstrasse.
For more campy escapades, seek out:
A few eerie frights at the Friedhöfe cemetery – here you’ll find Beethoven, Brahms, Wolf, Schubert, and Schumann resting it up in peace
The heady delights of Austria’s best winery region, the Wachau Valley for a happy-hour buzz
The Prater amusement park for a whirl on the world’s ‘Giant Ferris Wheel’
the secrets
Vienna viennese waltz 5
Chanel the late great Giuseppe Verdi while trying your hand at conducting, thanks to the demonstrations at Haus der Musik. Sing along to a movement of Di Lasso's Magnicat, or get down to business with some of these other hush-hush musts:
A stroll through the park Volksgarten after a champagne breakfast
A stop-in at the Summerstage Cafe along the Danube Canal
An illicit rendez-vous acted out at the infamous Hotel Orient
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: April and May are comfortable (6-19˚C/42-67˚F). Blue skies are common and there is little rainfall.
Summer: June through August are warm and sunny (13-24˚C/55-76˚F).
Autumn: September to November are pleasant (2-19˚C/35-66˚F). The colorful landscapes at this time of year make it a particularly beautiful time to visit.
Winter: December through March are very windy and cold (-3-9˚C/27-49˚F). There is quite a bit of snowfall during this time of year as well.
Light clothing and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Be sure to pack appropriate warm attire if travelling during the winter months.
The Euro
The Lingo
German and Austro-Bavarian
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Bosna: a popular sausage stuffed with onions and curry
Roast pork served with sauerkraut and dumplings
Vienna collage