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Posted by Cayla Capri
Wave Of The Magic Wand
Wave of the magic wand cover full
Mascara has always been the wizard-kid of the cosmetic world. Make-up artists from every corner of the globe will agree – if you’re pressed for time, concealer, gloss, and mascara are all you really need before jetting out the door. Mascara has come a long way since the days of coal dust and petroleum jelly. There are highly effective formulas available on today’s market to suit your every starry-eyed whim. With a little technique, achieve the bedrooms eyes of a smoldering siren, or the subdued innocence of Bambi in a mere matter of minutes.
eye-opening possibilities
Wave of the magic wand 1
Select your mascara based on your own personal needs. Do you want to darken or lighten? Define or thicken? Mascara comes in both liquid and cream forms – with tube and wand applicators being the most popular format. Some simply tint while others go heavy on pigment. The shape of the mascara brush plays an important role in stylizing the lash line – you’ll find them to be either straight or curved, equipped with fine or thick bristles. If you’re really ready to rock some extreme lengths, look for rayon or nylon fibers.
For a bride-to-be, a waterproof formula is a must. This will outsmart any fast-encroaching tears, not to mention ward off nasty smudges and smears. Depending on your own particular needs, look for labels like ‘non-clumping,’ ‘hypoallergenic,’ or ‘safe for contact lenses.’
prep those peepers
Wave of the magic wand 2
Curled lashes will really open up and emphasize the circumference of your irises. Snuggle the open curler to the roots of your lashes and squeeze for ten seconds. Then slide down to mid-lash and hold for twenty. Lightly dust your lashes with translucent powder to ensure extra sticking power. Immediately apply a lash primer to help separate and condition each individual lash. A lash comb will also have a similar effect, and can be on stand-by for post-application clump removal.
Choosing your mascara color should be a hassle free experience – black looks good on everyone, especially come evening time. During the day, the fairer of blondes may want to go with a brown or brown/black tint. For a softly pastoral stare, opt for a silky clear formula. Or loosen up, step up to bat, and amplify your look with a blue or green shade.
lash and dash
Wave of the magic wand 3
The ends of your lashes are just the tip of the iceberg – you want to get right in there to the base of the lash line for some extra-good coating action. Then wiggle, wiggle, wiggle as you pull the wand up and through (eyelids should be softly half-closed). Repeat once or twice more for desired thickness and length. Now position the wand vertically and just dab, dab, dab at the bottom lashes. Go back up to the top lid, nestling the brush down on top of the lashes, and pulling through once more to nab clumps.
A few tips for the road – wait until coat numero uno has dried before applying the second and third act. For optimal optic healthy, do discard your tube 3 months prior to opening. Pumping the wand will allow air to enter the tube, enticing infection-prompting bacteria, so veto this habit as soon as possible.