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Posted by Cayla Capri
Wedding Emergency Kit
Wedding emergency kit cover full
Any wed-vice article worth its weight in straight talk will tell you: your big day won’t be without its little blunders. Even when it feels thisclose to perfection, an emergency kit is still in order.
Because glutting a purse full of high-priority bridal trappings is a fun but tricky art, its best to break it down by bag size. The roomier the clutch/fanny pack/rucksack, the more secondary accessories permitted. Build up accordingly.
Wedding emergency kit 1
Handbags of an average stature should be dealt with tenderly, especially when lining is of the silk variety. The nice thing about going low maintenance is evading the bottomless magician’s hat phenomenon. Therefore, when blindly digging for your long lasting smoky rose, you will actually come up with lipstick.
Keep supplies to the bare necessities and stash on the back of a bridesmaid’s chair for easy access.
Stick with:
mints, freshening strips
eye drops
white chalk (for stains)
bobby pins, clear elastics
travel size deodorant
compact mirror, lip gloss
band-aid blister blocks
oversized purse
Wedding emergency kit 2
A big and slouchy purse, that purse of MTV reality stars, is also the purse of bantam weight calamities. Torn hemlines, perspiry makeup, sore stomachs, germs and your period are honestly no sweat when equipped with:
clear nail polish (for stocking runs)
antacid, aspirin
q-tips, makeup blotters, cotton swabs
hand sanitizer
mini sewing kit (white thread, scissors, safety pins)
messenger bag
Wedding emergency kit 3
Beauty bloopers seem trivial until the camera comes out, and then it’s like every stray strand is working against you in an evil plot to ruin your life. That will continue to sound hyperbolic until your double-sided tape loses its properties of stickiness. Try:
travel size hairspray
comb, brush
nail polish in your color
static guard
emery board
double sided tape
earring backs
Wedding emergency kit 4
A knapsack’s place is probably not strapped to the back of your head chair. Squirreled away in the ladies room however, the spacious school bag is perfect for the superfluous supplies you just can’t wed without, like:
spare hosiery
bottled water, snack
disposable camera
lint brush
glue (for faulty heels)
hand lotion
flat shoes (for sore feet)