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Posted by Cayla Capri
Wine Red, White & You
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Wine is a staple at any event, so whether you consider yourself a connoisseur- savoring vintage wines with your fiancé at tastings, or whether you just like sharing a nine-dollar chardonnay with your girlfriends over gossip and a homemade dinner, it’s got to make it to your wedding looking its best: full-bodied, multi-layered and rich in color.
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Wine has this lovely ability to enhance flavors, so pairing it up with specific dishes is imperative for happy taste buds. Typically, you’ll want to serve white wines with lighter meals such as salads, seafood and white meat, because they have this delightful, easy-breezy quality. Heavier meals, such as red meat, strong cheeses and pasta with meat sauces are best complimented by full-bodied red wines, not only because you’re looking for a balance, but because they’ll help you digest all that decadence! Sparkling wines are so light- they couple up perfectly with appetizers or desserts.
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For the bachelorette party, take your girls to a wine tasting for a bit of tipsy, elegant fun, or camp out in wine country for a truly romantic honeymoon. As for the wedding itself, consider the seasons before considering the “sauces.” Hearty red wines tend to warm you up, so they might be preferable in the cold winter months, while white wines will cool guests down at summer weddings. A rosé wine is ideal for outdoor celebrations, and of course, sparkling wine is always a favorite for toasts and speeches.
The four most popular categories of wine served at weddings are red, white, rosé, and sparkling. As simple as that sounds, it’s now time to paint the town red with your unique personality.
the reds
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Pinot Noir is a lighter colored and lighter flavored red wine, producing a velvety and complex taste. Depending on the country and vineyard it came from, its flavors can have notes of sweet red berries, plums, cherries and, at times, an earthy or wood-like undertone. The lightness of a Pinot Noir is well paired with chicken and light cheeses, such as Swiss and Gruyere. A fine Pinot Noir can be aged for many years, while some are made to be opened immediately.
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Cabernet Sauvignons can be mellow and mild, complex and rich. It has a deep red color, with the classic taste being that of dark fruits, especially black currant. The best Cabernets are almost always aged in oak for over a year, taking on an oaky, vanilla flavor. Cabernet goes well with beef, lamb and goose, especially when cooked with herbs. It also is a great match for brie and cheddar cheese. For dessert, pair a Cabernet with mocha flavors or chocolate. Cabernet Sauvignons tend to age very well.
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Merlots are quite often less tannic and richer than Cabernets. They are full-bodied, deep in color and fairly high in alcohol with cherry and plum flavors. Merlots are a perfect match for beef and other medium-heavy dishes. Try it with a rich, meaty pasta dish or a grilled chicken dish. Merlot is amazing when taken with chocolate. Merlots do not have to be aged; they can be enjoyed when they are young.
the whites
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Pinot Grigio wines tend to be dry and crisp, although some can be light and subtle, with almond and peach flavors and aromas. Its lightness makes the Pinot Grigio the perfect accompaniment to seafood, especially fish. This wine is intended to be drunk early on.
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Chardonnay is one of the most popular dry white wines. These wines are bold and rich, with tones of fig, peach, honey, hazelnuts and spice – it can take on many different flavors. Chardonnay works well with chicken, pork and many seafood dishes, especially shrimp. Most are meant to be drunk immediately.
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Rieslings are both floral and fruity, and can be delicate and subtle, as they tend to be low in alcohol. Rieslings may be dry or sweet. Riesling wines are excellent with rich foods such as pork and foie gras. An off-dry Riesling will also complement sweet dishes and those with spices, such as those with fruit or a sweet glaze. Rieslings are delicious with vanilla wedding cakes. These wines can be drunk at a young age but become more complex as they age.
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Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, light- to medium-bodied wine. It usually has grassy or fruity flavors and aromas. Though it is not as rich and complex as Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc can be drank when it is young or when it has aged. It is an excellent complement to seafood and chicken dishes and Goat cheese, but especially pasta with cream sauce.
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Rosé tends to be a simple and fruity wine, perfect for casual or outdoor weddings. It is a great choice for salads and light dishes.
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Champagne and sparkling wine are effectively the same thing, although only wines produced in the French region of Champagne can truly be called Champagne. Sparkling wine differs from white wine in its fermentation process. Sparkling wines are best with appetizers and light desserts, and are a must-have for a wedding celebration!