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Posted by Cayla Capri
Wyoming Love In The Saddle
Wyoming cover full
When it comes to wrangling the man’s man-like mentality of the old wild west, it takes a very partic’ kind of cowgirl to make a karabiner look cute. Never fear – a few miles via stagecoach and you’re sure to uncover a few dusty jewels lying at the heart of this magnificent state.
the romance
Wyoming 1
Spiral staircases and outdoor hot tubs sizzle and steam while otherworldly views dance and thrum along Granite Lake and the Laramie Mountains. A laid-back sensibility evokes mornings of candle-lit breakfasts and crystal lake swims as gray wolves roam the hillsides and bald eagle pierce the sky.
Be sure to:
Spend a night in a Jackson Hole log country inn – aspens, ponds and ravenous mountains thrive here
Peruse the capital of Cheyenne for some upscale ‘mountain-man’ cooking, voluptuous wine, and matching pairs of python skin cowboy boots
Canoodle down at a wildlife sanctuary nearly 1,000 feet above the charismatic town of Jackson
the scenery
Wyoming 2
Thanks to the spectacular adolescent theatrics of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming finds itself home to over 3,472 square miles of landscape, as well as one of the world’s largest preserved ecosystems. Lynx, grizzly, natural hot springs and geysers make for non-stop blockbuster action.
Keep an eye out for:
Sage-strewn valleys and tourist-friendly glacial lakes
The historical Overland Trail established way back in the 1800’s by the infamous Stage Coach King
The breathtaking Teton Mountain Range, specifically the 13, 700 foot Grand Teton peak highlight
the attractions
Wyoming 3
For good reason Yellowstone takes the cake when it comes to prime photo-ops, but Grand Teton National Park could hardly ever disappoint. Travel one hour north of steadfast Fort Collins for fantastic white-water kayaking and world-class micro-breweries. All-the-works sandwich shops and chat-ready locals ground the Wyoming experience in a uniquely unifying stress-cleanse.
Also try:
The Rising Sage Café for summery deck service and a gander at the National Elk Refuge
Champion performance with some not-so-shabby eye-candy to boot, the annual Wrangler National Finals Rodeo
Equitrekking across the sun-splashed Shoshone National Forest
the adventure
Wyoming 4
While the McCullough Peaks harbor the majestic equestrian descendents of Bill's Wild West Show, the Whitney Gallery of Western Art tends to the aesthetic side of up and coming back-to-the-landers. For the hard-core fire-pit stuff, engage in some conifer-hugging, granite ice-wall mountaineering near the Absaroka Range.
Tame your fears with a:
Rappeling session down Snow King Mountain
Fly-fishing expedition off of an authentic 1900’s dude ranch
Bighorn Mountain cook-off replete with roasted game and ghost-stories
the secrets
Wyoming 5
Look for ultra fine-dining niches such as the Rusty Parrot, which offers an on-site library, cozy fireplace, and patio. European antiques and meadowy acres abound, as winding Willow Creek lulls crisp green banks to sleep.
Don’t forget to seek out:
The reputation-laden Silver Dollar Bar for a swig with some history
Boar’s Tusk (given the name needs some work) but this volcanic stronghold is sweetwater county’s claim-to-fame
The Wind River Canyon for bighorn sheep, wild deer, apricot farms and chalets
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: Days in April through June are comfortable but nights get quite cold (-1-22 C/
30-72 F). These months also receive a fair amount of rain and even a few snowfalls.
Summer: July and August are warm during the day but still cool at night (3-24 C/38-
75 F). Thunderstorms are rather frequent at this time of the year as well.
Autumn: September to November start to get chillier although these months still receive
a lot of sunshine (3-19 C/38-67 F). Snowstorms are common throughout this season too.
Winter: December through March are very cold and snowstorms are a regular
occurrence (-18-2 C/0-35 F).
Casual light clothes are acceptable for the days however warmer garments are
a necessity for the evenings no matter what time of the year you visit. Be sure to bring
snow boots and a winter jacket if planning your honeymoon for the autumn or
U.S. Dollar
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Wyoming Chilly
Shoshone Lamb Kabobs
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