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Posted by Cayla Capri
You Can Dance (If You Wanna)
You can dance if you wanna cover full
There are three subdivisions of the anti-first-dancer: those who will not dance to At Last (or for that matter, Wonderwall), those bored by the widespread hug & shuffle, and those who just flat out refuse to dance, up there, on stage, alone.
Not a problem, since alt. everything abounds - from waltzing Metallica to first lightsaber duels to simply ignoring the tradition until it goes away.
new songs for old loves
You can dance if you wanna 1
Set your tongue deep in your cheek before settling on tuneage. Music that is at once nostalgic and ironic is at once sentimental and fun. The classics will make mom weep, but those other classics will have dad head-bobbing.
Turn up the:
Aqualung (Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell on You))
Styx (Come Sail Away)
The Police (Every Little Thing She Does is Magic)
Tina Turner (Simply the Best)
The Hollies (The Air that I Breathe)
David Bowie (Modern Love)
fred and ginger - swayze and baby
You can dance if you wanna 2
Choreographed first dances are the new first dances, as confirmed by YouTube. No one should be embarrassed to bumble across a disco-lit floor, but this is a great surrogate for the ungainly. Your obviously awesome sense of humor will surely overshadow any coordination follies.
Pick something unexpected (like a not-actually impromptu hip-hop number) but ultimately recognizable.
Think something from a:
classic of 1980’s cinema
toe-tapping, toothy-grinning musical
dirrty music video
Or, you can always first group dance. Whether synchronized or not, demand that your wedding party join in on the sock hop. If you’re not sweating it out in the spotlight alone, all dance floor shame shall fade.
the un-dance
As the magnum opus of photo-ops, it is the first whathaveyou’s duty to reflect your primo coupledom.
Therefore, if you’ve never been the boogying types, don’t psyche yourselves into a personality shift now. Though, you will have to forgo the naughty pleasure that is playing hooky on the ballroom lessons your mom paid for, but so be it.
first karaoke (for the divas)
first jam (for the musical)
first rock-band (for the musical gamers)
Skipping ‘firsts’ altogether is another way to go, just so long as you promise to keep restless hearts in mind. Either organize non-dance activities to blow dancing out of the water, like a midnight movie screening of Some Like It Hot, or perform hosting duties at an un-danceable venue.
Reception-wise, think:
boardwalk clambake
apple orchard BBQ
rooftop brunch