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creations vezina
630 Principale, Ste-Dorothee
(450) 689-2204
Sabrina P,
Too bad I did not find my wedding dress here but I can tell you that this store was absolutely fantastic it was honestly the best service I ever had and I went to about 8 bridal stores.I totally suggest you go there first!
Mylene C,
Great place to shop for a dress. You have a personal assistant to help you with great suggestions. They were very helpful and super nice. Nice experience.
Marie G,
I had such amazing service at creations Vezina. The salesperson really took the time to listen to what I was looking for, which made the whole process more efficient and fast. I found my gown after trying just a few because she knew exactly what I was looking for. I recommend this place to everyone.
Elsie D,
The service is the best. They are very enthousiastic. They understand that it is the most important dress you will ever wear. They know you are going to be the center of attention. They make you visit a very pleasant one.They are always smiling. They have a wide rang of dresses....but you never see them: In the begining, they make you fill out a questionnaire. And from that, they pick the dresses for you. They make you try on about 10 different styles and they determine your style from there. They are professionals. They look at your body language and your facial expressions. They read your thoughts. It was the first and only store I went to. I truely found my dream dress at an afordable price. Also, I refered my friends there when it was there turn to get married and most of them bought their dress from there too. PS they have some weekends were they pay the taxes (i bought mine between Christmas and New Year..no tax). What I also liked is that it is a store just for bride's dresses. They really dedicate it to brides. And they make you close your eyes while they help you put on the dresses. Beleive it or not, that simple gesture makes all the difference...because when you open your eyes...well you just have to live it to beleive it.
Felicia R,
Bridal Party
They have a huge selection of wedding dresses for all budgets which is great, probably more than other stores I have been too in Mtl. The staff really knows what they are doing and make great suggestions. I would start with them first when searching for a wedding dress.
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