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la v image
4035 St-Ambroise, Suite 403, Montreal
(514) 308-1500
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Wedding Photographer
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When a feeling is real – you know it. When a picture is real – you feel it.

La V Image is about creating a visual narrative-a reportage of the event. It’s about the moments-beautiful instant moments that can not be recreated. It’s about real emotions and natural expressions. It’s about showing each person’s individuality as well as capturing the chemistry between people.

Each image is a piece of fine art. All elements are important: the way the light falls, reflections, textures, colours, graphical elements in the composition, as well as the overall unique atmosphere of the event. It brings back the energy, the happy tears and the joy of each moment. When these moments are artfully captured, you are able to relive your day over and over again.

Welcome to our world of wedding storytelling. We believe that true art starts with a real connection. We’d love to learn more about you.

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