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daniela caputo
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Wedding Planning & Event Production

Mission Statement
Montreal Event Planner’s mission:
Full-service special event company, focusing on corporate and celebratory events. The position taken is to facilitate the creation of a unique and memorable event, by being a resource throughout the flawless execution of these events and/or meetings.

BIO – About Us

In her 26 year career, Daniela Caputo has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of business. She was able to develop a reputation of professionalism in the different aspects of her fields: client services - project management - marketing. Just to mention a few. This experience has many invaluable assets when carrying out event organization mandates.

Taking the next step, seemed natural to her, with all of her practical experience and numerous achievements, the decision to be an Independent Meeting/Wedding specialist was easy.

Her company offers a full array of services related to the planning and organization of corporate and celebratory events. The intent is to partner with the client at all aspects that are required. With this, her team would provide the logistical support needed for the plan to come together. The networking of associates extends over a number of fields, including communications, design, food and beverage logistics, staging, video production and performance. To do this, one has to know how to listen, come to an understanding and pay careful attention to each tiny detail, all the while staying within budget.

The secret to a successful event is finding the right balance...

Often, clients mandate us to organize a specific event in order to achieve very precise goals. Some projects are particularly demanding, and the person in charge of organizing the event must cope with numerous constraints in terms of time, space and resources (including the human and budgetary aspects). This is why turning to outside help can prove to be particularly appropriate, hence Montreal Event Planner, we can come in and help you achieve the determined objectives.

THE GOAL is to be a guest at YOUR Event  ~  Relax ... we will take care of EVERYTHING for you

Anna D,
Dear Daniela,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express in writing my immense gratitude for all your hard work and for making our wedding a TOTAL SUCCESS!

As you know, I was 3-4 weeks away from my wedding date when it occurred to me that, even though all the vendors had been booked, that there was no way of controlling how everything would come together on the wedding day. Also, my fiancé and I both feared that, with our busy work schedules and with guests arriving from all over the world, that we would be too overwhelmed to remember every last detail before the big day.

That’s when my brother and my maid of honour (my sister-in-law) suggested that I call you. My brother is an entertainer/musician and has been playing at Montreal weddings and other large functions for over 20 years. When I told them that I may need a Wedding Planner, the name Daniela Caputo immediately came to his mind.

Despite my family’s assurances, I still didn’t really know what to expect from a Wedding Planner. From the moment you answered the phone however, I knew I had the right person. Not only did you make me feel at ease right away, you also had a great sense of humour and a wonderful personality! When we met in person, even though I hadn’t retained your services yet, you didn’t make me feel rushed. In fact you spent close to 2 hours listening to me and my fiancé and also chatting about different things. By the end of that meeting, our rapport was undeniable. Not only did we want you as our Wedding Planner, we also wanted you as our best friend!

Daniela, I can honestly say that the only qualities that you possess that may even surpass your wonderful personality are your organization skills, your work , and your boundless energy. From the minute we gave you the green light, you literally hit the ground running! I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to meet all relevant vendors and build a rapport with all of them within the span of a week. You also had a complete wedding map with details of EVERYTHING (including the decorations, the wedding ceremony, the hall and seating arrangements, the music schedule and so on and so on) arranged by the end of that week. The relief I felt when I saw all this work that you had done was undeniable: for the first time in months, I finally started to feel a little bit relaxed.

When the big day came, I was no longer nervous about the wedding plans as I knew we were in superb hands. Even so, I was very emotional in the morning and had perhaps one, uh, let’s just say, “dramatic episode” at the house. Of course, who was there to smooth things over and resolve the momentary tension: Daniela! In fact, wherever I was and wherever I turned that day, you were always somewhere behind me, quietly ensuring that the day was proceeding without a hitch. Even when I experienced a momentary feeling of nausea when greeting guests at the receiving line (I had stupidly inhaled a “spring roll” after having been too excited to eat all day), you accompanied me to the bathroom and made sure I was ok and you also smoothed things over so that things didn’t seem awkward at the receiving line.

Daniela, both the strategic planning before the wedding day and your coordination skills on the day itself were exemplary. After this experience, I honestly don’t understand how people can think of having a wedding without the help of a Wedding Planner. My fiancé and I spent a lot of money on making sure that we had great decor, food, entertainment, etc. It would have been truly unfortunate if all of that would have been compromised because of a lack of organization and lack of cooperation between the different vendors. On the subject of “lack of cooperation”, I also heard that you had to put out a few fires between two different vendors who apparently were not getting along that night! So apparently you’re a mediator too! Is there anything you can’t do?

Anyhow, thank you Daniela for taking the time to read my letter. I know I have thanked you over the phone but I wanted to take the extra time to put into words everything I have wanted to say to you. It was truly a wonderful experience to have worked with you and I will be sure to shout your name from the rooftops and recommend you to anyone planning an event/wedding. I also look forward to working with you again in the future, either from a personal (perhaps future baby christening?) or a corporate capacity.

Thank you again – we love you!

Anna M. Di Stasio
Katya C,
My dearest ‘Wedding Planner’ Daniela Caputo,

I was really happy with you, Daniela! Thank you so so so much !!

In retrospect, I should have hired you to handle everything from the begin.... As you would not have forgotten to mention on the invitations, that the reception was at 6:00..

The small details you handled ; the fight between DJ and cake location – making sure that my 3 alcoholics were given ‘’champagnette’’ discreetly – keeping us on schedule... WOW Danie.....

Thank you MUCHLY !!!

Finally, the reason why everything went smoothly is because of your attention to details.

Our special day was just perfect thanks to you! Every Bride & Groom should be so privileged!!

Our deepest thank yous !

Katya & Curtis xoxo
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